This rate will vary depending on the location and the bookkeeper’s experience. Average rates in the UK is £14.41.

Xero Bookkeepers can range from £12 to £24 per hour and are an invaluable part of the team. These average rates and actual rates can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the work, the bookkeeper’s qualifications, and the cost of living in the area where your business operates.
Our Xero bookkeepers work on a part time basis for your business, working either the Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday, (half day Wednesday) as you prefer. You can also get in touch for a fixed fee quote for more or less than 20 hours per week and this will be calculated on business needs, payroll, pension, the amount of transactions etc. Our AAT qualified Xero bookkeepers can be a large or small part of your team as needed and are here as your business grows. If you are an accountant and want to outsource your xero bookkeeping, vat and payroll or any other adhoc work, book a chat and we can give you a discounted partnership rate.

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